October 2016: Journalists

That journalists, in carrying out their work, may always be motivated by respect for truth and a strong sense of ethics.

Pope Francis – October 2016.


Pope and journalists, respect for the truth and a strong sense of ethics

In the October The Pope Video, Pope Francis is deeply concerned with a cause that is always relevant: the exercise of the journalistic profession. And for that, journalists have joined the Pope to support his monthly intention, which seeks to position the media at the service of a culture of encounter. ” Can you help me spread this prayer request? ” asks Francis this month.

(Vatican, October 4, 2016).- As it has done since January, The Pope Video broadcasts and engages with the intentions of Pope Francis for the challenges of humanity. Journalists this month are the protagonists of the video in which the Pope calls them to be motivated by the respect for the truth and a strong ethical sense.

Since the beginning of his pontificate the Pope has had a smooth and strong relationship with journalists. It has been expressed many times to them and has already become a common practice in interactions to see opportunities for the exchange of opinions. “We need information leading to compromise for the good of humanity and the planet. Join me in this prayer request” says Francis in The Pope Video. He speaks in this way not only to them but to the whole world. The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network has expressed these different intentions of the Pope with the goal to build a culture of encounter, this month especially in regard to the practice of journalism and the work of the media.

There are various organizations and international federations of journalists who have already demonstrated on several occasions its concern about media plurality and multiplicity of voices, with ethics and “the truth” as pillars of the profession. This adds to the discussion on the state of the rights to freedom of expression and access to information.

Father Frédéric Fornos, SJ, International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and its youth branch, the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM), expressed his position, right on the day that ends the time of prayer called Season of Creation, which the Network is partner together with other Catholic, Christian and other religions’ institutions. “Respect for truth and sense of ethics are pillars of good communication. On September 22 Pope Francis received 400 journalists from the Italian National Council of the Order of Journalists and referred to three fundamental elements of the profession: love truth, live with professionalism and respect human dignity. This month we ask for the journalists in the exercise of their profession, that they may always be motivated by these values, which are those that enable the society as a whole to build the long-awaited culture of encounter.”


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